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Please review the information below, if your question has not been answered feel free to contact us.

  • How do I enroll?

Please simply click on the enrollment tab above and fill out the form.  After we receive your application we will contact you directly.

  • How do I pay my tuition and fees?

You will be invoiced directly.  One time payments are able to be made by mail or online.  Monthly payments will be invoiced the 1st of each month and due within 7 days of receipt.

  • How do you communicate with the parents and students?

We will normally reach out by phone unless you prefer to be contacted by email.  Parent communications will generally be sent out once a month that are specific to your child and his/her progress.  For students, we have a built in messaging program in the curriculum.  All messages are stored in an online server for the protection of our teachers and students.  If necessary, we are also available for a Skype of Facetime call at the request of the parent/guardian.

  • How does your program work?

We will speak with you regarding your child's individual strengths and weaknesses.  If needed, we will assign a placement exam for the subjects of Math and Language Arts.  This curriculum requires reading comprehension but also provides dictating, allowing the material to be read to the student.  Once the student is assessed we will assign coursework.  The student will have daily assignments in each subject.  The parent and student are responsible for completion of these assignments.  Once the assignments are completed we will grade the completed work.

  • How many courses do you offer?

We offer over 130 different electives.  Each one is field specific such as banking, computer software design, engineering, foreign language, general contracting and many more.  If you are interested in pursuing a specific trade please let us know so we can offer a course that helps equip you to possess those desires.

  • Is this an accredited program?

Although we have managed a private Christian school for over 25 years, this branch is a new endeavor.  We are nearing completion of our first academic year and have had great success with our parents and students from the online program.  We are in the process of working towards our accreditation but we have at least 2-3 years before we can even apply.  The curriculum we use is one of the best in our field is an accredited curriculum.  The results show as our students score 18-30% higher compared to our surrounding areas on the SAT and ACT exams.  

  • What is the typical response time?

Please keep in mind that students are our top priority.  If a student submits a request for help, our teachers are standing by weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Most requests will receive a response within 30 minutes.  For parents, we have found that WhatsApp or text messaging works best for immediate response.  Please allow 1-2 business days for a reply to email messages.

  • When can I enroll?

We have a designated opening on the events tab for enrollments for the upcoming school year.  However, one of the many benefits of this program is the flexibility.​  If you have a situation that needs special attention please feel free to contact us.  

  • Who is responsible for record keeping?

Ultimately the parent/guardian is responsible to submit any academic records if needed.  We will record grades from all assignments and issue semester progress reports.  These report cards will show the grades for all completed assignments and courses.  We also provide individual logins (parent portal) for the parents to monitor the student's progress.  For high school students, we will also determine course assignments and electives to ensure the student has the proper number of credits required for graduation.

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